Certificat ISO Eurokyt Certificat ISO


Our products bear the identification label depicting the conformity to the EC directives, as well as the company’s logo and the factory where they were produces. European directives impose that products should be labelled necessarily in accordance with the corresponding dispositions: therefore, the originality of the Eurokyt product will be noticed, and not only will you be protected against counterfeits, but you will also be provided with a guarantee from which you would not benefit otherwise.


Eurokyt products are certified according to the strictest norms on the market; the materials are subject to minute production and laboratory checks, whereas their processing takes place by respecting the specifications required in order to obtain an EC brand. The most widely used accessories were tested in accordance with the norms UNI ENI4648:2008 (Certificate no. 252212 of the Giordano Institute S.p.A.).


When you purchase a Eurokyt shutter, you are not only buying a high-quality product, but also a number of services and guarantees. The paint on our products has got a 10-year guarantee, as mentioned in the specifications of the product QUALITAL E QUALICOAT. For the main colours, on request, you may also get a GENERALI insurance policy, completely free of charge, which covers the total value of the good delivered, should painting flaws be identified (see the details presented in the policy). The accessories used to move the steerable bars are covered by a 12-month guarantee certificate.